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Canada Goose online Robinson, special to CNN(CNN) On day five after the shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown at the hands of police, I was on the phone with a white Christian and fellow preacher concerning the racial cauldron that has become Ferguson, Missouri.During our conversation, he spent more time decrying rioting and calling for calm and prayer than lamenting the modern day lynching by law enforcement of innocent black bodies that canada goose black friday usa are piling up across the nation.But most cheap canada goose mens frustrating was his solution to the racial powder keg that has produced the Fergusons across the nation: a call for more racially diverse churches.I get tired of that one. His unrelenting canada goose wholesale uk insistence reminded me in the most stark terms of James Baldwin’s prophetic quip: “Racial progress in America is cheap canada goose measured by how fast I become white.”Simplyhaving diverse congregations without addressing the weightier matters of social justice and structural racism is notbetter church practice. It is possibly subterfuge.During Princeton Theological Seminary’s 2014 Black Theology and Leadership Institute, of which I was a fellow, Dr. Canada Goose online

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