Rudd plays down double dissolution talk but says바카라 marriage equality is a moral issue and says he won’t 바카라support the Greens’ bill to ban same sex marriage.

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Rudd plays down double dissolu바카라사이트tion talk, saying it was ‘not that difficult’

The Australian Financial Review’s Michael Morgan asked Rudd if he supported a double dissolution election after he said it wouldn’t be in Australia’s best interests to elect a new PM unless the opposition party was split and the government was unable to form a majority.

“I think the thing that we should be concerned about, I’m in favour of not doing a double dissolution. It might be the best way of dealing with it because we shouldn’t have a two-party system,” the Rudd leader replied.

“I think the major question would be whether the opposition party would be able to form the majority. And that is very difficult to think about because we don’t know whether there is any possibility there will be an agreement at the beginning because, as we have seen over the last 24 hours, the government’s position and the coalition government’s position are both very different.

“But my sense is that there is not, nor is there currently, any possibility that we will not have a minority government if the government doesn’t form a majority.”

Rudd was clearly hoping his comments could provide an incentive for the two sides to sign a deal during this year’s election campaign. But it’s also become a problem for the Prime Minister with a number of Australians believing he’s being hypocritical and undermining the Australian people, in particular those who voted for the Labor Party.

One reader of The Australian wrote: “This is exactly the same as what the PM said in Australia before, that the best way to deal with a new government is if everyone had one. The PM’s not doing it. The PM’s saying, ‘We’ve got to have a two-party government, don’t you worry about it, don’t worry about our support if you don’t have a majority to form a new government’.”

‘The Australian’s Paul Kelly has more on the question of dual-parties’, in his ongoing ‘Australia and the Coalition’ series. Check back on Thursday as the series continues바카라사이트

The Australian’s Andrew Bolt:

“In the absence of a change in government, it is hard to더킹카지노 understand why the Turnbull Government would ever want to start negotiations over a new government. Why would they? The only reasonable reason they would forgo it is to create some kind of leverage which is not there.”

‘Labor MP Penny Wong has warned that a hung parliament in Australia could be a ‘catastrophe’: Paul Kelly, Sydney Morning Herald

Kisnorbo named melbourne city captain and also has a second title at Melbourne City FC.


Hibernian vs Melbourne City Highlights and Full Match

Goals: 3′ S D C

Mejarvees.comlbourne City 1-0 Hibernian Highlights

Goals: 1′ L F B

Goals: 7′ H M R

Melbourne City FC 0-1 Dundalk Highlights

Goals: 1′ D L L

Goals: 0′ N N

Hibernian: Breen-Murray-Molloy (Fyfe 62), Breen-Deacon (jarvees.comMoyle 77), Phelan-McGillivray (Bryan 84) and Darmody (Gibson 77)

Melbourne City: Fennell (Ilesa 68), O’Donnell (Mason 83), Brown (McDonagh 64), Darmody (O’Connor 61), O’Barry (Bryan 88), Kallumura (Healy 67), McCall (Mowbray 62), Molesworth (Kelvin 73), Wilson (O’Reilly 67), McDonagh (Holly 62), Fagan (O’Donnell 59), McGilchrist (Gibson 77), Byrne (Molloy 71), Darmody (Kiernan 87), Rennie (Lackey 79), Byrne (Riley 70), Glynn (Moleman 65)

Substitutes not used: Clarke, Mowbray.

Celtic: McGilvray; McCall, O’Leary (McGinn, 85); Kilbane, Murray (Riley 84), Grant; Murray, Fagan, Solly; Fagerson, Dickson, Byr바카라ne; McBride, Byrne (Bryan 79).

Substitutes not used: McConville.

Referee: Mark Clattenburg (NSW).

Assistant Referees: Dave Hughes (QLD), Steve Deacon (VIC)

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Top investigator faces drug charges

Lana Wachter

The sheriff’s office is investigating a drug-involved shooting Monday in Aledo in which a sheriff’s officer and his partner have been charged.

A video from a nearby business showed the deputies driving into the parking lot of The Little Store in Aledo around 6 a.m. and then pulling away.

The deputy identified himself as a deputy with the sheriff’s office and began video of himself firing his department-issued gun, according to police.

When the deputy looked back to see the two officers in the parking lot, they turned off the video camera and wen더킹카지노t in the building. The two officers did not return after the shooting, according to a press release.

Police responded and took the deputies and their vehicles to the Aledo Police Department where they were booked into jail Tuesday night on all drug charges and an aggravated assault charge, the press release said.

Lana Wachter

All of the charges against the two officers were upgraded on Wednesday to felony counts. The Aledo Police Department and 바카라사이트the Aledo County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the charges were upgraded to misdemeanor counts.

The shooting incident has caused a stir among residents near The Little Store in the downtown area.

One man, who did not want to be identified for fear of repercussions, said he heard some commotion outside the store and opened the door to check on the employees.

A woman was reportedly seen throwing garbage at the store and yelling that it was her store.

“We’ve had people saying people stole stuff out of our store,” said witne바카라ss Daniella Stilwell. “We hear these crazy things coming out of the community with people on cellphones.”

A message left with the Little Store Wednesday was not immediately returned.

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