How to Create a Ritual Playlist

Wiccan MusicRitual music can help create a particularly powerful experience. If you’ve ever been to a gathering in which Panpipes filled the air through the invocations, or in which you raised energy as drummers pounded out a primal rhythm, you know what I’m talking about. Even just the voices of revelers voices weaving melodic chants of praise together can put me into a spiritual frame of mind.

I was trained in a coven that promoted spiritual consciousness and exploration through artistic and creative means drama, poetry, dance, and music. We had live music at every canada goose shop prague ritual right in the circle. People would carry rattles and tambourines, and at least one person would be drumming throughout, some people played flutes or guitars or didgeridoos. I am spoiled by music.

One great way to incorporate music in ritual is to make a playlist. I’ve found that with proper timing, a good playlist can bring you from start to canada goose outlet online reviews finish without distractions. A lot of Wiccans stand firmly against bringing electronic devices into ritual, but I feel the benefits outweigh any possible drawbacks.

What Do You Say?How do you feel about electronics in the circle? Never they ruin the energy, I know this canada goose expedition parka uk sale for a fact Never I’ve personally witnessed them getting canada goose jacket outlet store fried Ideally, no; I worry they’ll ruin the energy or get fried; never tested it but I’ve been told/it makes sense I’m just not sure what happens, but I don’t use them just the same I have not previously but now you have me wondering and I may reconsider. I’ve heard some people go so far as to say that electronics are in danger of getting “fried” in a circle. There are those who simply feel electronics are a distraction.

By the time I heard the warnings about electronics polluting circles, I’d been casting circles around electronics for years. I lived in NYC and always lived in small apartments. The circle, more aptly described as a sphere of energy, breaks through floors and sometimes walls, surely incorporating my downstairs neighbor’s lighting fixtures or my electric wiring. I’ve cast circles with low hanging ceiling fans, with the edge of the television or an alarm clock getting into it. For a while I even set my altar up on top of my CD/stereo cabinet, with the plugged in canada goose outlet las vegas radio cheap Canada Goose inside. It was just a matter of working with the space I had, I didn’t honestly think about it much and it never seemed to canada goose outlet store near me adversely affect my workings.

Naturally I had to experiment with this, both on my own and with other Wiccans who were more experienced than I was. Many couldn’t tell when an electronic device was tucked under the altar or not. Nothing ever fried. Battery powered items, in particular, seemed to be the most unobtrusive.

I began wondering if bringing electronics in were really as detrimental as some people claimed, or if perhaps they were just always going along with what they’ve heard. By following the ‘conventional wisdom’ that made sense to them, perhaps it became a matter of confirmation bias. Whatever the case, I was going to follow my own instincts. It was never a problem for me, so I wasn’t going to turn it into one.

When my husband and I had to move across country and I had to leave my coven, it was like becoming a solitary again. I missed my coven so much and one of the big things I missed was ritual music. Music enhances ritual for me. It creates a great atmosphere to work in and stimulates all the right parts of my mind.

Music has another practical use for me as well it helps eliminate other distracting noise by drowning them out. I live in a corner ground floor canada goose outlet store uk unit in a complex. Chatty cheap canada goose teens and dog walkers canada goose xxl uk going by the window can be a distraction. Occasionally there will be creaks, faint footsteps, canada goose outlet hong kong or the flushing of a toilet in the upstairs unit. My own family, milling about in other rooms, can be a distraction as well. I have more success staying focused by playing music to drown out all the other sounds.

So, for me, the benefits of music simply outweighs the drawbacks of electronics. I urge anyone interested in music in rituals to experiment for themselves. And if you find you vote for music consider a ritual playlist.

Creating a Wiccan Ritual PlaylistSo I like to create a playlist that will take me from beginning to the end of ritual. Fiddling to change a CD or find a track in an Mp3 player would never do continuous distractions like that would make it impossible to maintain the Alpha state (ritual consciousness).

To effectively use a playlist you need to have a standard ritual format. Spontaneity is great sometimes, but a playlist needs more precise timing. The more structured your rituals are, the easier it will be to create playlists.

More on ritual structure can be found by clicking here, and a ready made structured ritual that you can use can canada goose outlet toronto address be found by clicking here.

If there’s any part of ritual in which you feel you don’t canada goose outlet new york want music playing, there’s an off button. Use music for the parts of ritual you find it beneficial, and turn it off when you don’t need it.

I keep a standard playlist for my Esbats, which have much less variation. Usually Sabbat rituals vary more so I customize them when ritual planning. That’s the beauty of Mp3s it’s so easy to swap one song out for another.

Breaking Down Ritual Sections and Timing ThemThe next thing you need Canada Goose Outlet to do is Break Down Your Ritual Into Sections and time them. Informally, go through each part of your ritual. This can be an actual walk through, or you can just go over each part in your mind. Don’t rush through it or deliberately slow it down let it run its course in true time.

Time each part of your ritual and write down the number of minutes it takes. You might want to do this a few times and see if the amount of time for each given section is consistent. If it’s not within a couple of minutes each time, just write “varies”.

It’s always good to round up a minute or two. It gives you time to light a candle, turn the pages of your Book of Shadows, move around the circle or go get the next tool. If the song runs a little longer than you need, you can just stand there and center again and focus on your breath. If it runs short, it could potentially be more disruptive.

You can combine sections, and use one cheap canada goose jacket long piece of music to play over them (for example, combine your Grounding and Cleansing sections, and cheap canada goose use a 10 minute song).

Likewise, you can take several shorter pieces of music and combine them to fill in a longer section of ritual. For example, Use two 3 minute and one 4 minute song for the ritual observance section).

It doesn’t matter how you slice it up, as long as what’s playing behind you at any given time is enhancing your ritual experience rather than distracting you.

Ritual Music Playlists are Ideal for Esbats

Esbat rituals monthly rituals by moon phase are more structured, so a playlist used each month can help promote continuity. Source

Great Power Raising Chanting for Magic

Create the Right AtmosphereThe first step in choosing songs is to, of course, begin looking for music that you like. Some people prefer Celtic style music, some like folk type chanting and drumming, some into recording artists like Enya or Loreena Mckennitt. Whatever works for you.

The music needs to match the mood and task. You might enjoy chanting for when you’re cleansing and consecrating the area. That’s great but that same chanting can really be annoying when you’re trying to invoke your canada goose outlet deities or recite the Charge of the Goddess. Really think about your playlist selections here and what they add to each individual part of the ritual.

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