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Since then, dozens of teams have started as a fresh franchise, moved cities and gone defunct. Almost as convoluted as the comings and goings of NFL teams are their continuous of logos. While some logos stand the test of time, others are flashy and bold.

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What we did was he came up the weekend before the semester started and we spent the whole weekend together. No phones, no tvs or movies, nobody else, just us. If you have an opportunity to do something similar, I highly recommend. I started listening to just punk, just metal and immediately rejected anything that was on the radio because it was popular. Some people may not take it as extreme as I did, but I hear it every day. I hate Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish because they’re just always on the radio.

This isn how this works. LSU usually has a top 5 recruiting class and is always in the top 10. This year they are competing for 1. We might normally say that it a bit ambitious for anyone to subtly compare themselves to Jimi Hendrix in their album title, in the case of Janelle Mone The Electric Lady, we not even a little bit mad. Janelle second full length, which is streaming now on VH1, has all the vocal pyrotechnics of an epic guitar solo, but leaves room enough for danceable R grooves, hip hop, funk, soul, reggae, and film score touches. The latter fits in particularly well, seeing as The Electric Lady is a continuation of the sci fi cyborg thematic storyline she began on The ArchAndroid.

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