Genius Bar

canada goose clearance sale If I had to save a few things from my home and run, I would take my Mac Book Pro, my IPad, my IPhone, a bronze sculpture that belonged to my father, perhaps a photo album and I would but I can’t take my beautiful Petrof canada goose uk black friday upright piano that was a gift from my parents when I canada goose black friday sale was fourteen and has traveled with me all around the world in shipping containers. This piano was the best gift ever. It enabled me to earn a living or to make extra money from using this instrument! canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose sale Although I am a musician, I am very much interested in business and technology. A lot of people think that musicians just don’t have that kind of mind. I am not sure. I definitely have! I am an canada goose store Apple fan and I love gadgets. My Mac Book Pro has served me faithfully for the last seven years. I have never had any issue with a Mac product although I have been using them for the last two decades at least. So much I became addicted that when a few keys did not operate on my laptop’s keyboard and the quickest option was to get a wireless keyboard and I stopped at Officeworks to check them out I pulled grimaces just by looking at the clumsy and ugly Microsoft monsters on Canada Goose UK the shelf. Although those keyboards were half the price of the Apple, no way I could be disloyal and ruin the look of my study taking home an ‘ugly duck’! I canada goose clearance would regret it for the rest of my life and I Canada Goose sale would feel unfaithful to Mac and my own principals! Canada Goose sale

canada goose It is now long time ago that I touched a computer first time. It was back in Hungary. Those computers were big, heavy and ugly and very slow. However, that was the start. Here in Australia, we had Mac at the Australian National University. Then, I remember and don’t ask me why, but I bought a PC for home. That was an important time in my life. I had problem after problem and virus after virus with that computer. I felt canadagoose-outlet that it was less user friendly than an Apple canada goose and I never really grew to accept a PC. From that moment, I have never looked at anything else for my own use just Apple. Many times I Canada Goose online had to use PC s at work and I have never changed my mind about that and more and more I see the difference. The appearance of the IPad and the IPhone was a confirmation of my trust in this innovative company. canada goose

canada goose clearance For me functionality and user friendliness are very important. I am not a geek and not a technology expert. However, I am smart and capable person buy canada goose jacket and enjoy figuring things out and get to know and use new gadgets. As a woman, for me a sleek design and different colours from black, soft edges, esthetically beautiful look are equally important. Weight and size canadian goose jacket DOES matter! Nice accessories also count! Don’t misunderstand me. I am not one of those ‘fashion crazy’ women with high heels, dis functional clothes and lots of make up. I am one with practicality and brain, who still can look great when needed and appropriate. For me anything that I use and buy has to be a pleasure to many of my senses. The more boxes it ticks, the better it is! canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Outlet So after my pretty poor experience at Officeworks uk canada goose I went to the new Apple Store at my local shopping centre Southland that I have not visited yet since its opening, the. I was ready for an experience. In the past, I always went to the Flinders St Apple Store in Melbourne, where I had my favourite manager, Stan who provided me a first class service, every and each time. Now, I live at the Bayside so after looking up on the web, I booked in for an appointment. Already the the photo of the Bar was promising, the booking system and the information on the website suggested the usual high standard. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale This afternoon I appeared at the Store at Southland and believe canada goose coats on sale me, I don’t drop my jaw canada goose clearance sale easily. I am well traveled and pretty experienced and I have seen a few things. But when I looked around the surrounding stores including the major retailers, Myers and David Jones, the buzz that was in the Apple Store said a lot. They had great products canada goose uk shop to sell, they had service to provide and these guys at the meant business! They were there to make Apple even richer! canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka Right at the door buy canada goose jacket cheap I was welcomed, lead to the service cheap canada goose uk desk. The shop was pretty full and very busy. uk canada goose outlet Customers did not have to search for shop assistants because they were everywhere, they were visible and obvious. Not to mention, these guys knew what they were talking about! It was like home coming and like a breath of fresh air! Canada Goose Parka

cheap Canada Goose The shop was huge and well organized, attractive and functional. At most of the the desks where the products were on display and there were plenty of them, there were no chairs so people were on the move most of the time. Stools were positioned in areas where people needed to spend more time. However, as I arrived a few minutes earlier I was lead to the service desk and offered a chair to sit down to wait. The guys who welcomed me explained everything, asked me to prepare my laptop and boot it up to save times. My assistant has assured me that they Canada Goose Online guy who will look into my problem will be here in a minute. What’s more, he kept coming back reassuring me about this canada goose factory sale every few minutes. Honestly, I was pretty impressed! And we have not even gotten started! cheap Canada Goose

canada goose store When my shop assistant, Dom arrived he continued in the very same manner helping me with everything and providing me with the product (wireless keyboard) I needed then with the information on MacAir I requested. canada goose store

Canada Goose Jackets These geniuses had electronic devices that showed the appointment, could check anything on the internet, they were able to process any payment, print receipts, print me information regarding my questions and their manner was helpful and professional. Then a canada goose coats third person looked after me demonstrating the products I wanted to know about and my impression just got stronger that Apple knows something, none of the cheap Canada Goose other retailers know in Australia. How to produce innovative product, how to train staff and provide a first class service to customers. Well done Apple! I am all yours Canada Goose Jackets.

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