The reason concentration can be such a struggle even after you clear space in your schedule is that your brain gets accustomed to operating in a rapid fire, reactive mode. Intentionally or otherwise, many of our workplaces and working habits encourage that high octane cognitive state. And unless you deliberately shift mental gears beforehand, you’ll be fighting against it the whole time you’re trying to focus on that one big project.

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And listed below are my 6 tips to finding your Niche JobFirst and foremost find what you love and not what you like to do. What you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Do not try to fake it till you make it because you will soon loose interest and it will show.Once you find your niche or your passion see in which industry it would fit.

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And it’s not because everyone who works for them is prejudiced. They’re hiring based on the needs of their company. They’re not trying to tick any arbitrary boxes.. Second, Dvoretsky students (also his “targets”, which include GMs) each had their peculiar weaknesses. One was relatively weak at theoretical endgames, another was weak at endgame technique, another was overconfident and often missed the oponent resources, etc. So diagnosing (by analysing) was essential.

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