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canada goose factory sale Two decades on, the complexion of the place has changed.”On my class photos more than half the kids were white,” he says. “On today’s pictures only one or two are.”L’Ile St Denis is among the “suburbs” around French cities where immigrants, notably from former North African colonies, have been housed canada goose down jacket uk since the 1960s.Blighted by bad schools and endemic unemployment, the suburbs are hard to escape.The immigrants’ children and grandchildren are still stuck there an angry underclass that is increasingly identified through religion.Ten years ago these youths were seen as French “Arabs”.Now most are commonly referred to, and define themselves, as “Muslims”.Many countries have ethnic and religious enclaves. But in France they cause particular alarm, for three reasons.First, they are not supposed to exist in a nation that views itself as indivisible, and able to assimilate its diverse components.Separatism, the French are told, is a plague afflicting the Anglo Saxon multicultural model.The government bans official statistics based on ethnicity or religion. canada goose factory sale

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