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cheap air jordans Annika Hammerschlag/Naples DailyDonna Gomes, 57, stands outside her boarded up home with her dog Yorkie at Landmark Naples, a mobile home community for seniors in North Naples Tuesday cheap jordans, Sept. 12, 2017. Gomes rode out Hurricane Irma with her husband, three neighbors and two dogs in her home. cheap air jordans

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cheap jordan shoes Two men one who lived on Green Street and the other on Canal Street were dead when police and medical personnel responded late Monday afternoon cheap jordans, according to Brattleboro Police Detective Lt. Jeremy Evans.The woman, 28 cheap jordans, who was in the same apartment with the victim on Green Street, was rushed to Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and later transferred to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, he said.Windham County State’s Attorney Tracy Kelly Shriver said the woman was in critical condition.The prosecutor said she did not know which drug was involved in the three overdoses.Police are withholding the names until family members are notified.Evans said the men, one 28 years old and the other 40, were not known drug users and he declined to say whether drug paraphernalia was found at the two apartments.In the Green Street case, a call was placed to emergency services, police said, but the line went dead before police could get a definite address. Police were able to trace the call to the location and found a dead man, and a woman in critical condition.A short time later, emergency providers received a call about another unresponsive man on Canal Street.Shriver and Brattleboro Police Capt. cheap jordan shoes

Cheap jordans In) shock. It hard to put into words, really, said Hare. She came back, she always stopped to talk cheap jordans, give a smile and a hug. The event will close with a candlelight march to Courthouse Square. The University of Scranton is one of the co sponsors. More information is available here. Cheap jordans

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