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Fake Handbags That being said ED devs don seem to be very communicative with their fans ;:/It is really hard to fly that well with flight assist off.Not really, but then again flying with a HOTAS makes flying with FA off A LOT easier.the technical aspects like heat management, weapons loadout, and SCBs are all meta.Heat management and weapons loadout isnt E:D unique, its standard fair in a lot of games actually. SCB have been meta since I played around Horizons release (I remember the shit storm they caused when they first came out because they were unbalanced).when you get down to it how do you make flying more exciting? How is Arena Commander more exciting? Is it a better flight model?much yeah, E:D combat is fundamentally flawed, if E:D ships didnt handle like WW1 biplanes you would see tactics and maneuvers be quite advanced, right now, even looking at that video its pretty simplistic and reminds me of Warthunder arcade matches. The easiest way to fix E:D is make it so yaw isnt so ungodly slow and tweak the turning speeds up higher, that way you get some crazy maneuvers like you see in SC or other flight games. Fake Handbags

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