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I think she dishonored herself, and I think she dishonored her family,” Trump said at an afternoon news conference. “I thought it was highly disrespectful to the United States of America.”As White House press secretary Sarah Sanders suggested hours earlier, Trump said he could not be impeached because he was too successful a president.[Ocasio Cortez, booed for her Pelosi vote, fires back: ‘Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me’]The crowd inside the State Room bar, near the Capitol, had responded to Tlaib’s remarks with applause, cheers and shouts of approval, according to a widely shared video taken by immigration activist Nestor Ruiz.But online and across Washington, Tlaib’s comments were met with divided responses: Many of her supporters said Tlaib had successfully channeled their own political frustration, though some including a few Democratic colleagues criticized her choice of words.On the right, there was outrage.”Look at the brand new elected congresswoman and her language of what she says to her son in a rally that she thought canada goose black friday usa was private last night,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R Calif.) said on Fox News. “Their whole focus here is to try and attack this president when we’re trying to move America forward.”[Trump pushes back on impeachment talk, citing his popularity among Republicans]It’s not clear if Tlaib thought the MoveOn canada goose outlet store winnipeg reception was private.

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