when will they get the message over tiresome telephone systems

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canada goose store He said, right now, of the 435 members in Congress, only 79 have a veteran status. He hopes to increase that number come Election Day in November, and growing uk canada goose up in a military family and being a veteran himself, he seen things from both sides, both actively serving canada goose store and supporting family members from home.am a veteran, retired Air Force, my wife a retired Air Force veteran, my dad is a retired Air Force veteran and my son is currently serving in the Air Force, Negron said. Second son also is about to enlist in the Air Force, and as of right now, his family has a combined 109 years of military experience.lived it all, and I going to be a huge voice and advocate in Congress when I elected, Negron said.If elected, he said he plans to support veterans issues ranging from A Z, including key ones like access to health care and housing canada goose store.

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