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cheap moncler coats mens His father George was a mechanical engineer who taught in the mining department at Ashington Tech while his beloved mother Trudi was a seamstress and dressmaking teacher.”Between the two of them they created this monster,” laughs Paul, who changed his surname from Graham as it “was not a memorable name for a fashion designer”.”My mother taught dressmaking at cheap moncler coats mens the Adult Association and I read an article from 20 years ago that said there must not be a house in Ashington that hasn’t got curtains at the window that were made at her sewing class.”Paul studied at Newcastle’s College of Art and Technology and had dreams of being a theatre designer until he heard of someone working in the same job in the West End who didn’t earn much money. “I loved theatre but I decided to pour all my energies into fashion.”Training at Newcastle Polytechnic for four years gave Paul a grounding in the fashion industry which was invaluable.”It also gave me the safety net to explore my design creativity and develop my skill base. But above all the encouragement and confidence to create the alter ego I named Paul Shriek with the tag line ‘Fashion that screams of the woman of the Eighties!'”. cheap moncler coats mens

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