But ultimately this is a good news story. There has been a breakthrough on mesothelioma over in Perth. Professor Bruce Robinson has developed a blood test that can predict years in advance whether someone will succumb to asbestos cancer. VideoLAN, the non profit organisation behind the VLC media player, set up a dedicated booth at CES 2019 where a counter created using multiple smartphones and tablets kept a tab on VLC’s download figures across all platforms. The media player was around a million downloads shy of reaching the 3 billion mark when CES kicked off and achieved the impressive milestone on Thursday. VLC developer, Ludovic Fauvet, later tweeted an image of the download counter with the 3 billion mark having just been surpassed..

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Ever after” is possible if we understand it means there will be some bumps along the way.Myth 1: Intimacy is not RequiredI was talking with some friends the other day and was astonished when one of my married friends stated that she and her husband were no longer intimate and had not been for years. This started an interesting discussion and sparked the question “is intimacy required for a happy relationship?”Research shows that intimacy is important. Although it may decrease in frequency over time, couples who are intimate usually are happier.

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