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So, not knowing which version your platform is will change a bit. I have not setup the integration with the platform and prtg yet, but I believe we will be doing so next year. With that said, ServiceNow has an event management application which you should look into if you haven’t already.

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South australiaTwo Year 12 Eastern Fleurieu school sweethearts killed in tragic collision with teacher on Long Valley RdIn a moment of quiet reflection, a schoolgirl kneels down to secure a pink rose to an Adelaide Hills road replica bags india marker. Elizabeth Henson, Ben HarvyHayden Perkins, 17, of Callington and his passenger Mikayla Eastwood, 18, of Strathalbyn, were travelling in a Mazda 323 that collided with a Hyundai i30 on Long Valley Rd, Gemmells, about 4.40pm on Tuesday. The tragedy further deepened after it emerged the Hyundai driver was a teacher at Eastern Fleurieu School where the young couple had just finished Year 12..

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