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Designer Replica Bags ‘Tantamount to robbery’: readers have their say on city centre car parking chargesThe figures have angered some readers, who called the city’s parking charges a “rip off”Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailPeople louis vuitton replica bags neverfull are outraged after reading that the Grand Arcade car park made nearly million in 2017.Cambridge City Council’s car parks combined earned the council a total of last year.But the Grand Arcade car park in St Andrews Street made the lion’s share of the cash, generating from 987,017 tickets a replica bags koh samui massive 45 per cent of the yearly total.The figures have angered replica bags wholesale in divisoria some readers, who called the city’s parking charges a “rip off”.Guy Prince said on Facebook: “This is hideous. It only goes to prove how greedy the council are, and how very much we are being overcharged.”That’s downright near tantamount to robbery. Boo, shame on you Cambridge City Council.”User infobot commented on our website: ” revenue, yet Park Street car park’s stairwells still reek of urine.”Some readers said the profits replica bags gucci should be spent on providing better public transport into the city.Sandra Day said: “I was charged many years ago for visiting the Grafton Centre on a Saturday and I vowed not to come back!”I appreciate that we need to reduce the cars but the only way is to provide an affordable public transport option.”And user therealfacts said: “The Grand Arcade is a rip off! Make it affordable for up to a couple of hours, especially on a Saturday.Why price trumps ethics when we’re out shopping”Where do the council spend the profit? Maybe it should all be pumped back into running more public transport.”A handful of commenters welcomed the profit generated for the council.Al Storer said: “Excellent, the city council budgets are very tight so this helps keep city council tax from being put up too much.”My only concern is the reliance on this income incentivizes the replica bags 168 mall council to keep the car parks.”Unfortunately it is the county council that runs the park and ride ideally we’d have more and bigger park and rides, and much less parking in the centre of the city, maybe even Blue Badge only.’I would be housebound’: Readers react to planned charge for Shopmobility scheme”This would reduce congestion and pollution from the long queues of drivers prepared to pay these parking charges.”Eileen Wilson said: “This profit works as a subsidy from those who live outside Cambridge City Centre to replica bags wholesale the council tax payers who live in the centre.”A good proportion of the profit should be used to improve public transport for those who have to travel in to Cambridge for work.. Designer Replica Bags

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