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canada goose jacket outlet sale Our guide, “Spiel Stevenberg” (who looked strikingly like a certain film director), met us for the 90 minute trot around the downtown area (which is not physically taxing unless it is 100 degrees outside, which it was). Wilmington is a mecca for “Dawson’s Creek” and “One Tree Hill” fans (Keith Scott Body Shop shirts are everywhere), but the city has played host to so many more production Canada Goose online companies that Stevenberg does his best to tailor the cheap canada goose uk experience for his audience. My husband and I inhabit a slightly older and nerdier demographic, canada goose so we were more interested in learning more about locations where “Blue Velvet,” “Iron Man 3,” “Sleepy Hollow” and, of course, “Weekend at Bernie’s” were filmed. canada goose jacket outlet sale

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