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Canada Goose Parka But 90 minutes will, probably, be beyond him.And it’s tough. He admitted after the Stevenage game that he is used to being one of the better players in any team, but almost 18 months of persistent injury troubles has changed that, and he admits he’s changed the way he views himself too.”I have learned a lot more how to manage myself,” he said.”I always wanted to be the fastest canada goose parka outlet and the strongest, but now I know my own limitations. I have to be a bit more conscientious.”It doesn’t mean that I still can’t make a good impact, but I can be my own worst enemy too.”Sometimes Mikey [Burroughs, head physio] and others have to pull me aside and tell me that’s enough when we’re training, which can be a bit frustrating.”Most fans were, understandably, delighted that he had agreed the new deal, especially given his performances towards the back end of last season.Some were more cautious, however, questioning whether the money could be reinvested elsewhere, a feeling which Corr understood.But he wanted to reassure fans that his six month deal was largely performance based and therefore less of a financial risk and that he was fairly sure under his new training regime which will see him train twice a week, resting in between that he’ll be able to be available to take part in most games.”The fans are always great, they’ve always been so great to me and like I’ve said before I’m not sure I really deserve it,” he said.”I’d like to think I will do everything I can to repay them.”I know some were questioning why I was given another contract, but it’s mostly performance based, so there’s no real financial burden on the club.”He continued: “I’ve always kept my targets to myself, with goals scored and stuff like that.”But I want to be available pretty much most weeks Canada Goose Parka.

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