As a result, on more than one occasion we found ourselves holding our unit upside down or staring at its back upon taking it out of our pockets, or picking it up from a desk in the dark. However, if you end up using your iPhone X with a case as you probably should this may not be a real problem for you.Like most phones, the area near the top of the iPhone X is reserved for an array of sensors and while the most expensive iPhone till date has its fair share of sensors more on them in a bit it is Apple’s decision to wrap the display around this array of sensors that gives the iPhone X its most distinctive design element. We, of course, are talking about the ‘notch’, the tech world equivalent of The Royal Wedding in terms of the amount of buzz it generated in 2017.While the notch might seem like a big deal, it totally disappears once you’ve spent a few hours with the phone.

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