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canada goose clothing uk Eddie Hearn (Image: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!The Matchroom boss, who promotes the former Team GB Olympian, was at ringside last Saturday as the 34 year old surrendered her WBA International female super featherweight title against Swiss based Brazilian Viviane Obenauf.Jonas was dropped three times, before being stopped Canada Goose Parka inside four rounds, at the Ice Arena in Cardiff, Wales, as part of the supporting cast to Sean Dodd’s canada goose coats on sale vacant Commonwealth lightweight title defeat at the hands of ‘Welsh Wizard’ Joe Cordina.And Hearn has urged Jonas to ask questions of herself in the wake of her loss and said that she must decide whether to continue in the sport.”It’s not pleasant to see and it was a shocker,” Hearn said. “Plans to go and fight for a world title have just been completely torn up and plans to fight Katie Taylor have just been completely torn apart.Shock loss for Miss GB Jonas”Big credit to Obenauf, she came in cheap canada goose uk great shape, but Tasha has to be beating people like her if she is to go on and fight the likes of Katie Taylor and world titles.”‘Miss GB’ turned professional back in April 2017, having taken a break from the game, and raced to 6 0, with the aim of making the pro rematch of her clash with long time amateur rival Katie Taylor for early 2019, before Saturday’s crushing defeat.”You can’t just come into the game and say: ‘I’m a female fighter, around the 135 pound division, I’m just going to turn pro because the Katie Taylor fight’s out there.'”I don’t think Natasha Jonas did that, but the fact is that this was a devastating loss and she now has to ask herself whether this is what she wants to do.”She may say: ‘I gave it a go and I wasn’t good cheap Canada Goose enough’, or she may say: ‘This isn’t the end for me’. If she looks in the mirror and says she wants to carry on, then she’s got to work harder, work smarter, get Canada Goose Outlet her nut down and go again and we will make the rematch canada goose clothing uk.

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